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Jérémie Gerhardt is a French color scientist and visual artist born in 1977 in Paris (FRA). He started his studies on computer vision and color science at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. After a master in Montréal and a PhD on multispectral color reproduction in Norway, he worked as a color scientist in Berlin from 2008 for almost 10 years. Since 2017 he is back in Montreal where his activities are divided between research in human visual contrast perception and the pursuit of his art practice.

He has been practicing photography since his youth. While experimenting with panorama pictures and virtual reality he searches ways to save a field of vision, to fix the memory of a space surrounding the photographer. A usual way of visualising 360° panorama is to project the image on a curved screen to reproduce the conditions in which the image was taken or to use a virtual reality headset. Using open source programming tools a treatment is applied to those panorama pictures, which allows viewers to experience a full multi-directional panorama while looking in only one direction, as if one was using a spyglass to observe the scene from space, the birth of a little planet.